Happy 2013 :)

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Happy New Year!!!!

Just updated my website with some recent work in furniture design!

Looking forward to continue existent projects and begin new ones!!!!


Fast Vase

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In order to complete a living room design I was searching for a vase to the fireplace mantel when this fantastic piece came across me!!!

Cedric Ragot created the “fast vase collection” in 2007 and it is sold by “Rosenthal” – OK – although I am a super fan of “Vista Alegre”  – our most famous Portuguese china brand, I have to admit…Rosenthal is excellent…:)

So, since then I am really considering asking Santa this wonderful vase to add to my china accessories collection.




Furniture Designing

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Although the furniture market is becoming more and more appellative and wide, I find my clients appreciate having “built for the space” pieces.

The furniture follows the interior architecture complementing the spaces and giving them a full identity.

It is a wonderful way to keep developing my furniture designs and work with local artisans to learn more and more.



New vintage addition

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In a sustainable way – reusing resources + adding a new piece to my vintage collection, here is my latest aquisition. An English midcentury modern desk in teak! Isn’t it adorable? It now feats my hallway…

I am a proud Green Accreditated Professional :)

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I just completed an intensive course in sustainability and received my certification as an Accredited Professional.

The course is an industry first developed in conjunction with the Sustainable Furnishings Council and approved by ranking staff of Rainforest Alliance, World Wildlife Fund and one of the co-founders of USGBC/LEED.

The program was written by a LEED AP and is designed to pick up where LEED leaves off, focusing specifically on the furnishings themselves and other interior design issues.

It provided a ton of detailed information on the environmental issues affecting choices and the wide range of product solutions, most of which don’t cost any more than ordinary ones.

It’s simply a matter of knowing the right places to look and the right questions to ask.

I had no idea how important all of this is, and I look forward to being able to share what I have learned!

Interior design as an architectural extension

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These are some photos of one of my latest projects. It is very interesting to see how decorative elements bring and identity to the house…how they reflect and expand the project ideas!

One of the wonders of interior design is the capacity of change, compared with architecture. The architectural space should be elastic, allowing changes and specially allowing their appropriation and personalization by the users.

midcentury danish modern

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One of my passions is to mix old and new. I love to bring some warmness to the spaces I compose through pieces of art or furniture with past lives. Otherwise you tend to create spaces that seem to come out of the store catalogue. The set!!

The midcentury danish modern wave is one of my current cases of study and research. I spend hours browsing for the perfect pieces! Online you can find amazing and edgy authentic treasures.

Solid wood, beautiful veneer, good manufacturing against new pieces, sometimes not entirely wood…it makes you think twice…


patterns and colors

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Different patterns create geometrical backgrounds to a space. Accent colors link them to a tone that sets the ambience. It is almost like a musical composition.

When I am looking for these combinations I always remember my 10 years piano learning background. You have a theme that you mix and remix in different tones and modes. But you always have a main idea.

You are establishing a canvas where all the other decorative pieces lay and gravitate!

Currently, I am working in this project witch consists in giving this canvas to a beautiful space. The house is beautiful, big with open space common areas that needed to be linked…

It all began with a passion for a rug. Now, slowly is becoming a serious and complete creation.



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